Xenon HID Kit Headlight Upgrade on Toyota Aurion ZR6

GT HID 35 watts H11 type with 6000k colour lamps


Purchased from Ebay

Upgrade  Headlight lamps with a HID kit to my Toyota Aurion ZR6

1./Remove front bumper bar and grill.


1a./ Disconnect the 2 parking sensors and the lower 2 fog lights.

2./ Remove headlight from the car, 1 bolt is located on the side of guard area and other 3 are located around the outside of the headlight.

3./ Unplug the electrical plugs from the headlight.

4./ Remove the existing H11 headlight lamp, (do not touch lamp while removing, if by accident you can clean with some cleaning alcohol), keep existing lamp for replacement if you want to restore the car back to original.

5./ Insert the new HID headlight lamp.

6./ Located a flat area to place the HID ballast, I found the area on the rail beside the radiator on each side of the car.


7./ Place the bracket provided in the kit with double side tape, clean the area with window cleans and wipe dry, place the bracket as to the photo below.

8./ Wire the ballast to existing wiring loom, cut back the plastic cover at the rear of the headlight plug, join the 2 wires to the loom and tape, leave the existing headlight plug in place as you can retrofit
back to original.

9./ (Front view) of the left hand side of the HID ballast installed.

10./ (Rear view) of the left hand side of the HID ballast installed.

11./ Finished job of installing the GT HID kit on my Toyota Aurion ZR6.

The End

Here is the model type of the high beam assemble on my Toyota Aurion ZR6

HB3 12 Volts 60 Watts


My Home-Made Radiator Insect Screen

I made this up because I travel inland a few times a year, and at the right time of the season large grass hoppers can block your radiator.

To clean it is a matter of hosing the grass hoppers off the next day, and if real bad, I need to remove the black plastic cover over the radiator and use a small brush to clean properly.

It is made from coat hangers wire and flyscreen plastic wire, glue gun and cable tie in place, does the job well.

I did when to Toyota spare parts to see if they made one, no luck.